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Outboard Hydroplane & Runabout Racing Throughout The Midwest






Outboard Hydroplane & Runabout Racing Throughout The Midwest


About OBRA

While it is great to win, our goal is to have fun and to compete in the sport.

Thunder On Wolf Creek – June 12-14, 2020

2020 NBRA Racing Schedule 

  • April 24-26 Tunks @ Pineville, LA
  • May 8-10 Forsyth, MO (Tentative)
  • May 22-24 Clarksville, AR.
  • June 12-14 Grove, OK
  • July 10-12 Pineville, LA
  • July 23-26 USTS Race (NBRA Invited) DePue, IL
  • August 7-9 Centrailia, IL (Long Course Nationals)
  • August 21-23 Corsican, TX (Short Course Nationals)
  • Sept. 11-13 Jacksonville, Il

Races in 2020 but count towards 2021 points:

  • October 2-4 Pineville, LA
  • October 2-4 Seattle, WA

OBRA Membership

OBRA Membership $15.00.

For a first year membership fee of $35.00 a “Thunder On Wolf Creek” Tee Shirt will be given (free shipping).

Information:  Leonard Miller 918-791-1733 or email OBRA.


Information:  Leonard Miller 918-791-1733 or email OBRA.

OBRA Membership

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Rick Miller, Sponsor/Driver

Rick started racing at age 14. After 38 years, he has compiled one of best records in the history of the sport. In APBA (American Power Boat Association), he was the winner of two Bob Gollor Awards (high point) and is a five time Hall of Championship inductee. Rick holds both the 3/4 and 1 mile completion 400 Mod Hydro record in APBA. He has won the High Point Driver of the Year in the National Boat Racing Association (NBRA). During his racing career he has a record of 86 National Championship wins (10 in 2016) in AOF (American Outboard Federation), APBA and NBRA, which are the most wins of any driver in the sport.Rick is a practicing dentist with Grove Dental Associates.

Braxton Miller, Driver

Braxton, driving since the age of 10, is an upcoming star in the sport of outboard racing. In APBA, he broke a speed record in the J hydro class and has won several Winter National races. He finished 2nd in the “D” hydro at the APBA National Championship in 2015 at Wakefield, Mi. At the age of 18, he has won the National Boat Racing Association’s National High Point of the year four times. He has won 35 championships both national and North American championship races. Presently, he is attending the Aeronautical school at Tulsa Tech in Jenks, OK.

Trent Baugh, Driver

OBRA member from Grove OK. Trent drives a C Modified Runabout and was the NBRA National High Point Champion for 2016 in the C runabout class.

Vernon “Burnin” Barfield, Driver

Bio in development.

Charly Holman, Crew Member

Charley Holman is a vital member of the Oklahoma racers. He is a retired racer from the time when He raced in the 60’s in the St. Louis area. Charley lives in the Branson Mo. area and travels to races with Rick Miller and the What’s Up Doc? Race team. Charley helps in the pits with all the racers who have electrical failures particular kill switch problems. He is a clearing house for race boats, collecting boats from those who are finished with their boats and distributing them to those who need a boat. Time after time you can hear Charley encouraging young drivers who are learning the sport.

Leonard Miller, Crew Chief

Leonard Miller is president of the OBRA and is a retired driver with four APBA championship wins and five AOF championship wins. A past president of AOF and life time member of both NBRA and AOF. He is responsible for race preparation for 13 motors and 10 boats.

Melissa Backward, Owner

Owner of O-49 and 49-O TEAM US RACING. Boat racing for me began before I was born.  My father raced with the Tulsa Pleasure Craft Association in the 1960’s, and later in the 1960’s and early 1970’s announced races for OBRA. My late husband, Mark and I began racing in 2010.  We lost Mark in 2014, and our good friends, Preadator Racing, make my racing still a reality.  Burnin Vernon Barfield put on our stirrups and drove our, 49-O, CSH, to victories in 2015, including a National Championship Race!  2016 was a very good year for the team as well. I enjoy helping the score the races, take a turn on the turn boat and seeing the action up close!


Jan 15, 2017 – Rick Miller inducted into ABPA Hall of Fame

A huge thank you to my What’s Up Doc Racing team for all the help to enable me to be inducted into the APBA Hall of Champions for the 5th time. Thank you to my family for letting me race and have fun at what I love doing. Thank you to my dad Leonard Miller for your hard work. I am truly blessed.

Aug 11, 2017 – Braxton Miller wins fourth Championship

Braxton Miller continue to add to his impressive resume by winning his fourth Championship this year at the National Boat Racing Association’s Long Course National Championship at Lake Raccoon, Centralia, Il. This is  his fourth National win this year, with two APBA’s Winter Nationals at Tabor City, NC., the United States Title Series OS-Y 400 at Depue, Il., and the C Mod. Hydro class at Centralia. He is the overall high point leader in NBRA and leads in points in the 400 Mod Hydro in the American Power Boat Association. Braxton will compete at the Thunder on Wolf Creek hydroplane races August 19-20 at Wolf Creek Park, Grove, Ok. He is a student at the Tulsa Tech in the A and P school in Jenks, Ok.

Nov 9, 2017 – Braxton Miller-fifth NBRA High Point Driver

Braxton Miller will pick up his fifth National Boat Racing Association High Point Driver of the Year this Saturday (Nov. 11th) in Clarksville, Ar. He was unable to compete in two races this year because of injuries, but still came up on top in the over high point. Braxton is to under go additional surgeries this year to improve his hip. He has had two surgeries and a broken arm as a result of both football and boat accident. We hope he will be ready for the 2018 race season.

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